The Aurora, the flagship of King Cryos.
Vital statistics
Type Capital Ship
Effects Starship Combat
Source Planet Ice
  • Launch bay for Bladewing fighters.
  • Underside carries Ice Mite tanks.
  • Armed with multiple weapon turrets.

The Aurora is the flagship of King Cryos, and is also commonly used as the flagship of the Alliance by Graveheart and Princess Tekla.

Description Edit

Formed of a large, reinforced circular main hull, the Aurora functions as an assault carrier capable of engaging enemies on all sides with its turreted point defence weapon-systems. Though the Aurora appears to lack any major ship-to-ship firepower, it is capable of defending itself against smaller craft such as Drone Fighters, and is also protected by a powerful shield array, capable of deflecting even Null Energy Weapons, though not for long.

The primary weapon systems of the Aurora are in fact its capacity as a carrier; with a central launch bay built into its prow it is able to launch a squadron of Bladewing fighters for offensive or defensive operations. It also has numerous bays underneath that are able to hold and deploy retracted Ice Mite crawler tanks, which can be dropped onto enemy fortifications in order to provide effective and rapid surface assaults.

On the bridge of the Aurora a team of Ice soldiers are able to operate the multiple turreted weapon systems, or pull up sophisticated sensor data. With its elevated position, the bridge affords a good view of the ship itself, and the surrounding area, but is left vulnerable in the event of a shield failure.

The Aurora's large rear engine assembly affords it considerable speed, and modest manoeuvrability, allowing it to perform limited evasive actions. In its role as flagship however the ship is usually stationed behind the main forces, where it is normally well protected. However, given the destructive capability of Beast Null Energy Weapons, or the primary weapon of a Battle Moon, a good commander is required to avoid providing an easy target for weapons that cannot easily be stopped by the main forces.


Aurora in the sights of two Battle Moons

The Aurora is confronted by a pair of Battle Moons.

The Aurora is first seen during Episode 1.1 "On the Rocks" when it arrives at planet Rock for negotiations with Lord Mantel. It is confronted by a pair of Battle Moons which significantly dwarf the Aurora in size.

However, considering even the smallest dwarf planet (Ceres) is nearly six-hundred miles in diameter, and most moons are considerably larger than that, one can assume the Battle Moons are at least 500-1000 miles in diameter meaning the Aurora is probably as large as a city.

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