Captain Feldspar
Captain Feldspar
Commander Feldspar, Quarrior of Planet Rock.
Vital statistics
Title Quarrior Commander
Gender Male
Race Rock
First Appearance On the Rocks
Death Ascension
Voiced by Alec Willows
Quote1 He has some crust evoking that ancient treaty! Hmph. In the name of Lord Mantel, the "Rock of Rock", I grant you safe passage... For now! Quote2


Commander Feldspar is a fiercely loyal Quarrior of planet Rock, and desperately opposed to Graveheart whom he views as a traitor for siding with King Cryos.


After serving for many years in the Army, Feldspar seems to have gained respect for Jade. He also has almost blindly loyalty to the Rock Lord, but even when pressed by Blokk, he shows remarkable courage.



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