Planet Ice
Planet Ice
Planet Ice.
Vital statistics
Type Glacial
Size Medium
Resources Ice (water)
Ice Logo
  • The first planet to discover its World Engine
  • Initially ruled by King Cryos (abdicated)
  • Temporarily ruled by Commander Medstar


Planet Ice is the most distant yet inhabited world in the Planet Cluster. Its environment is mostly snow fields and massive glaciers, formed from oceans long ago frozen. The planet is probably most raided as it is the sole source of fresh water for the people of the other worlds. Thus said, the military is composed of mobile Ice Mite-type tanks, reinforced by divisions of Glacial Troopers. The ruling form of government is monarchy - a Kingdom.


Dominant SpeciesEdit

Planet Ice is inhabited by blue skinned insectoids. Each Ice inhabitant has three fingers on his palm and a total of four arms, two of which usually remain hidden behind the back. Likewise, they are hostile to other aliens from the Cluster. During the course of the show, it is seen that the people of Ice show great respect and love for their King.

Native SpeciesEdit


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