Nor Iron Bars a Cage
Season 2, Episode 10
Tekla and Pyrus head up the frantic search for the missing leaders
Tekla and Pyrus frantically search for their missing friends.
Air date 2nd June 1999
Written by Marv Wolfman
Directed by Steve Ball, Sebastian Brodin
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Divided We Stand
Death of a King

When the Prison Planet teleports away to an unknown location, Femur finds that he is trapped there with his disgruntled brother Sternum. Meanwhile Lord Mantel believes that he is the only one fit to rule the now leaderless Alliance.


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Season 2: Worlds within Worlds, This is the Way the World Ends…, Period of Adjustment, Blaze of Glory, Sandstorm, Girls Night Out, Timebomb, Embers of the Past, Divided We Stand, Nor Iron Bars a Cage, Death of a King, The Long Road Home, Ascension