Sternum, previous emperor of Bone.
Vital statistics
Title Exiled emperor of Bone
Gender Male
Race Bone
Relatives Emperor Femur (brother)
First Appearance Divided We Stand
Voiced by John Payne
Quote1 What a pathetic display! All those years I dreamt of vengeance, and now I realize he's not even worthy of my revenge. The past is dead, and right now I have more important things to do. Quote2

Sternum is a character in the series, voiced by John Payne.


Sternum was an inspirational Emperor on the planet Bone, prior to being usurped by his brother Femur and sent to the Prison Planet, where he quickly led a revolt and became one of the two major faction leaders.


  1. Divided We Stand
  2. Nor Iron Bars a Cage
  3. Death of a King
  4. The Long Road Home
  5. Ascension

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