Planet Ice's Telepod
The Telepod beneath the surface of planet Ice.
Vital statistics
Type Teleportation Platform
Effects Instantaneous Travel
Source Unknown
  • Provides access to a planet's World Engine
  • Constructed by unknown race
  • Present within most habitable worlds

Telepods are mysterious teleportation devices present on many worlds, allowing instantaneous travel to a planet's World Engine.


A telepod is a flat metal platform with an embossed edge and infinity symbol. This circular platform is surrounded on all sides by eight flat metal obelisks.

By stepping into the centre of a telepod's surface, any person or object may be teleported instantaneously to the corresponding telepod in the centre of the planet's World Engine.

It is unknown who created the telepods and World Engines, however the technology appears to significantly predate the emergence of the sentient species on the worlds shown during the Shadow Raiders series, implying a race of highly intelligent beings that may have existed hundreds or thousands of years prior. Princess Tekla was able to use the alien nature of the technology to detect it while searching for data within planet Ice's virtual database.


A Telepod is first seen during Episode 2.1 "Worlds within Worlds". Princess Tekla is searching the caverns of planet Ice after discovering a clue from images stolen from within Lamprey's during the events Episode 1.6 "Mind War". After being found by Lady Zera, the pair stumble across the Telepod in a remote cavern. Not knowing what it is, Zera steps onto the central platform, causing herself to be teleported into the planet's World Engine.

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